You know, if it’s harvest time, it’s time for Harvest Tyme! If you are here near Indiana and are bored at your home, why not experience an alternative world, get a little closer to nature and food at the nearest farm? Don’t just search on Google “things to do in Indiana” or “things to do in Lowell.” Get ready and schedule a visit to Harvest Tyme farm! This farm has so many fun activities that will leave you exhausted but thoroughly rejuvenated.

Harvest Tyme – A Farm To Remember

There are very few farms left in America that are still run by a family. Harvest Tyme is one of the very few farms which is still able to hold its traditional family profession of serving you with the best quality fresh fruits and crops. This farm is owned and maintained by a single family located in Northwest Indiana, and they have a long history of farming too! Trust in their farming knowledge and explore the pumpkin patches and the corn mazes on the farm! Not only that, they offer many more fun attractions that you just can’t find anywhere else. Create memory in farm field trip Indiana residents at Harvest Tyme!


The Fall Festival

Enjoy the sun and fresh air in the fields of Harvest Tyme! They have been hosting fall festivals for 12 years now, and the farm park is loaded with fun attractions for you to explore. If you want to navigate through a corn maze in Indiana, then Harvest Tyme is the right place for you to be! Explore the fun and quirky corn mazes at the farm. Especially at your demand, they have brought back the night-time exploration of the corn maze. They also have tons of exciting and unique rides that your kids will absolutely love – tilt a whirl, scramblers, giant swing, banana squadron, carousel, jumping pillow, and so much more. You can go and pet the animals or harvest a few pumpkins and take a fall-time hayride too! And this is only the beginning of the list, but you have to visit Harvest Tyme to discover the rest of the attractions. Your kids can meet their favorite Wizard of Oz characters, and if you’re hungry after all the jumping and running around, you will have delicious hotdogs, pretzels, cotton candy, and more food items to pacify your stomach. Book for the fall festival Indiana at the farm now.

Fun Field Trips For Students

Take your kids or take your students to a farm field trip Indiana. The Harvest Tyme offers educational tours, little demonstrations on pumpkin growing, will show you around the field, let you play with the chicks at chickville, explore the corn maze, and kids can experience farming for themselves at Farmville. In addition to that, there are fun rides for the kids to enjoy.


For parties and Groups

Host a birthday party or enjoy with your group of friends at Harvest Tyme.

Whether it is a church group, scout group, or campfire party – everyone is welcome at the farm! Book now at a minimal ticket price!


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